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Solar Panel Connector Channels

Solar Panel Connector Channel System

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Patents Pending

  1. Electrical wiring (cable) compartment

  2. Clip-on overcap seals electrical wires in watertight compartment

  3. Solar Panel holder channel

  4. Solar Panel holder channel

  5. Roof Attachment bolt/bracket hole

  6. Solar Panel electrical wiring hole

  7. Solar Panel electrical wiring hole

  8. Solar Panel

  9. Solar Panel

  10. Micro-electronics box

‘Solar Panel Connector Channel System with Integrated Micro-Electronics’

The *Patent Pending ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel System with Integrated Micro-Electronics’ was specifically designed as an effective Horizontal and Vertical Solar Panel Installation System that provides a number of enhanced Innovative features and functions, details as follows:

  1. Made from highly durable weather resistant and light weight material.

  2. Specifically designed for effective Vertical Wall and Horizontal Roof Installation of the ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels.

  3. Represents the first Vertical Solar Wall Cladding Panel Installation method and system, therefore presents the opportunity for Renewable Solar Energy generation from Residential Apartments and Business Office buildings that have minimal roof space for conventional solar roof panels.

  4. Securely attaches and electrically inter-connects any number of ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels together.

  5. Contains the electrical wiring from the inter-connected Solar Panels in a secure Watertight Compartment.

  6. Contains the roof or wall attachment bolt/bracket within the Watertight Compartment.

  7. Ability to integrate and electrically connect micro-electronics within the watertight Solar Panel Connector Channel System, namely: Lithium Ion Battery, AC/DC Inverter and WiFi Device.

  8. The renewable solar energy generated by the ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and the ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels would therefore automatically charge and re-charge the electrically connected micro-electronics; Lithium Ion Battery, AC/DC Inverter and Wifi Device.

  9. Therefore the ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels connected with the ‘Solar Panel Connector Channels’ would not only provide Renewable Solar Energy but would additionally provide Wifi connection for Mobile Phones and Computers/Laptops which could be extremely beneficial in specific residential and commercial locations and situations.

  10. Beneficial if fitted to the roofs of Public Transport Buses, Caravans and Mobile Homesutilising the extremely light, low profile and highly durable weatherproof Polycarbonate ‘Solar Panel Connector Channels’

  11. Beneficial if fitted to Commercial and Farming building structures such as warehouses and storage facilities that may not have an office or electricity connection, or may be in remote locations.

Connector Channel System

Technical Functionality

Designed for the functional purpose of Vertical flat wall attachment of the Superbright Solar Wall Cladding and Superbright Solar Panels™.

The unique design of the Superbright Solar Wall Cladding and Superbright Solar Panels™ features an electrical wiring configuration that enables the connected PV cells electrical wiring to exit from the side of the solar panel, which is different to conventional solar roof panels where the electrical wiring exits from the back surface area of the solar panel, so this enables Vertical Flat Wall Attachment by way of the ‘Connector Channel System’

The unique design of the ‘Connector Channel System’ also significantly reduces the installation time and costs associated with the installation of conventional solar roof panels. No steel railing frames or numerous attachment bolts are needed to be installed to secure every individual solar panel as is the case with conventional solar roof panels.

Electronic Technology System

  1. The Central watertight compartment of the Connector Channel is designed to hold the micro-electronics, specifically the electrical cable connection points which connect the photovoltaic solar cells from every solar panel to one central connection point, and likewise from every solar panel connected to the Connector Channel System, so that the cumulative amount of solar panels are electrically connected to each other.

  2. The Connector Channel System therefore enables the integration of electronic solar data readers or meters at every Solar Panel electronic connection point to get an individual solar panel Kilowatt output reading, and this can also be fed through to a cumulative solar data and management software program that can be viewed on your mobile phone as an app or laptop and provides the total solar power output and usage details.

  3. This Connector Channel Electronics System therefore also enables the delivery of a combined cumulative data reading for the total solar power generation of the whole highrise building or building complex.

  4. The cumulative building solar power generation can then be individually allocated to each home unit or business office for individual unit allocation, usage and payment.


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