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"Patents Pending"


Multifunctional Battery Power Unit with Integrated LED Lights.

The Superbright Power Unit ™ is specifically designed to provide Renewable Off-Grid Battery Power to Residential Apartments and Units, Townhouses, High Rise Buildings and Business Offices that do not have rooftops to support conventional Rooftop Solar Panels.

The Superbright Power Unit ™ is also compatible and rechargeable via our unique Vertically Installed Renewable Energy Products; namely the: ‘Solar Shutters® ‘Supebright Solar Wall Cladding' and ‘Superbright Solar Panels ™

Alternatively if renewable energy is not available the Superbright Power Unit ™ can simply be recharged by plugging it into the main electricity power socket via the main power cord located at the back of the Unit which will then re-charge all of the batteries within the Unit. It is best to do this during main electricity Off-Peak Times.

The Superbright Power Unit ™ has been developed and patented by the Australian Company ‘Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd’ is now being launched in global markets.   

The Superbright Power Unit ™ is a “Multifunctional Battery Power Unit” that is a self-contained renewable battery power source that is an aesthetically attractive Home or Business Office Rechargable Power Unit.



The Superbright Power Unit ™ is very user-friendly and mobile for easy movement with plug-and-play functionality, it features a multifunctional ‘Electrical Control Panel’ providing AC Power sockets, USB connection points, and Control and Monitoring of the integrated electrical system and simultaneous connection of multiple home and business office electrical appliances.

This “Multifunctional Battery Power Unit” is designed to contain multiple rechargeable batteries and inverters of variable sizes which are electrically connected together and interconnected for a combined Unit Power Output via the integrated ‘Electrical Control Box’ at the top section of the Unit.

The Superbright Power Unit ™  enables the Off-Grid connection and Power Supply to Home Appliances such as; Fridges, Televisions, Air-conditioning, Heaters, Security Alarms etc.
Or Office Appliances such as; Computers, Printers, Faxes, Lights, Fridges, Security Alarms etc.

with Lights On!

The Top PV Solar Cell Box contains a PV Solar Cell Box which generates Renewable Solar Energy Power to the relatively smaller first/top Battery directly beneath the PV Solar Cell Box when exposed to any daylight/sunlight via a window or balcony or outdoor scenario.

The Renewable Solar Energy will then provide AC Power via the Power Plug Socket and USB Ports in the Electrical Power Box to charge smaller electronic devices that require frequent daily use such as Laptop computers and mobile phones.

The four electrical switches found on the Electrical Power Box turn on the LED Light Panels found on the front and side panels of the Multifunctional Battery Power Unit, and also the LED Light Panel within the PV Solar Cell Panel at the top of the unit.

This enables the whole Multifunctional Battery Power Unit to Illuminate, creating renewable off-grid lighting for a whole room or office.

1. Power Outlet and USB ports
2. Power meters
3. Light switches
4. PV Solar Cells

5. Power Outlets x 2
6. Battery x 3
7. Power Outlets x 2










Electrical Appliance Connectivity

1. Television
2. Air Conditioning Unit
3. Refrigerator
4. Laptop
5. Mobile Phones






Compatible with other Superbright Systems


The Superbright Power Unit™ is compatible and rechargeable via our unique Vertically Installed Renewable Energy Products; namely the: ‘Solar Shutters®’ Superlight Solar Panels™ and ‘Superbright Solar Panels™

Solar Shutters® Unit

Superbright Solar Panels


Superbright Power Unit™ Technical Specification



"Patent Pending"

The ECONOMY model of the bigger Superbright Power Unit™


It contains all of the same user-friendly unique features and functions of the ‘Superbright Power Unit’ providing a renewable off-grid clean energy source which is ideal for smaller units, apartments or business offices, with only a couple of variations to make it more affordable when less off-grid back-up Power Output is required.

It is one third smaller in size than the bigger ‘Superbright Power Unit’ It has a different renewable battery system with rechargeable AGM / Gel Batteries instead of the more expensive Lithium-Ion Batteries found in the bigger unit.

The ‘Superbright ECO Power Unit’ still delivers considerable Watt Power Output for its size and is capable of simultaneously powering numerous large home appliances during a main power blackout.

The ‘Superbright ECO Power Unit’ can be recharged via the main electricity power source when it is available after a blackout or during off-peak times when the cost of main electricity supply is cheaper.

The ‘Superbright ECO Power Unit’ also lights up to illuminate a large room in the house or office.



Superbright ECO Power Unit™ Technical Specification

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