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Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd  is an Australian research, development and commercialisation company that has designed and successfully tested working      prototypes our unique new Renewable Solar Energy products called:    

‘Solar Shutters’® ‘Superbright Solar Panels and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding'

Australian Standard, Design, Innovation and PCT Patents (International) including Trade Marks have been filed and registered.

Based on our Independent Market Research Report by ‘The Market Intelligence Company’, we believe that there is huge commercial potential uptake for these products initially in Australia which has a suitable climate for renewable solar solutions and is experiencing increasingly high electricity costs for both residential and business.

The ‘Solar Shutters’ offer a very effective method of generating Renewable Solar Energy via Vertical Window Shutters which can be installed both inside and outside of the window frame, as well as Balcony Shutter Enclosures options currently not effectively available in Australia.

The ‘Solar Shutter’ Units are engineered to be extremely durable and weather resistant, approximately 20 times stronger than the glass used on solar roof panels, therefore able to withstand strong winds and rain, and suitable for outdoor and balcony installation in high rise buildings and apartments.

Currently only solar roof panels are available for homes and businesses with suitable roof space, however there are millions of residential apartments, business offices, business office complexes, high-rise residential and commercial buildings that have no access or very limited roof space to install solar roof panels and to share the limited renewable energy capacity.

However these building structures often have significant vertical window space which could be effectively utilised to generate a significant amount of renewable solar energy to help reduce or greatly offset the high electricity grid costs and carbon footprint.

In a recent Arena (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) News editorial about Solar Energy on 19th September 2017 by Neelima Choahan titled:

 “More of us are living in apartments. Where does that leave rooftop solar?”

There are few certainties about life in Australia and these are two of them:

We get plenty of sun and we are increasingly opting for apartment living.

But while we are world leaders at taking advantage of all that sunshine with residential rooftop solar initiatives (more than one in five Australian houses have solar panels on the roof, according to the Clean Energy Regulator) this boom has largely been limited to detached housing. In other words, we have been focusing on the quarter acre block.

This uptake in solar power doesn’t reflect the increased trend towards apartment living, so when it comes to installing solar photovoltaic storage systems on strata housing and portents we are seriously lagging”

That is why ARENA has contributed $900,000 to the White Gum Valley development project in Fremantle Western Australia to research and develop a governance model of shared renewable energy for 45 units.

Kicked off in 2016, the Curtin University-lead project has a total cost of $2.6 million and includes storage batteries and a monitoring system as well as the potential to trade energy.

In a recent Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper article called ‘Project Sydney’ details “Visionary Plans will Transform the Harbour” with Garden Island ready to bloom with a proposed 5000 Garden-inspired Green Apartments and 500 Hotel rooms.

With many more ‘Green Apartment Buildings’ likely to follow this trend, combined with Sydney’s limited land space and growing population the only way is up.

Our CSIRO Partnership - Australian Kick-Start Program

Our ‘Solar Shutter’ Prototypes are ready for commercialisation, and to this end we have submitted to the CSIRO and been approved for the ‘Kick-Start Program’ which we believe provides an important independent validation of our  ‘Solar Shutters’ and ‘Solar Panels’ Prototypes enabling us to provide credible accurate performance and compliance data.

‘Superbright Solar Panels’ ™ and  ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’

Please also view in this document details about our recently developed ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ which present several key benefits and new installation options other than conventional Solar Roof Panels and are suitable for both lightweight roof structure installation such as warehousing and storage structures, carports, farm sheds, etc. and Vertical Solar Wall Cladding for attachment onto any type of building walls.

Please contact me if i you are interested in discussing any of our advantageous renewable Solar Energy Solutions for your Council Building windows, walls, balconies, rooftops or carports.

*You can also view our business references from other Australian Government  Departments on our website, details below.

Kind Regards

Jack Lyons
Managing Director
Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0475 556 319


Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd


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