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Solar Shutters® is the latest development in Renewable Solar Energy Technology which provides a uniquely practical method of delivering solar generated electricity to residential apartments, apartment townhouse complexes, business offices and high rise buildings that do not have rooftops or limited rooftop area to support traditional Solar Panels.

Traditional curtains and blinds used in residential homes and business offices have always been used to keep the sunlight out of the room.

Solar Shutters® are fully functional, durable and weatherproof window shutters or louvres that effectively capture the sunlight and convert it into Renewable Solar Energy that can be used to power home and office lights, home appliances, televisions, and business equipment such as computers and printers, whilst also providing the functionality of keeping the room cool and shaded.

Solar Shutters® offer a uniquely powerful and practical Renewable Solar Energy solution providing off-grid power and reducing grid and peak electricity costs, also eligible as a business tax deductible expense.

Solar Shutters® therefore represents the potential to supply millions of Business Offices and Residential Apartments with an alternative source of Renewable Solar Energy when conventional rooftop solar is not an option.

Solar Shutters

Bringing Solar Power to Business Offices,
High Rise Buildings and Residential Apartments.

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Solar Shutters can be configured
with Superbright Solar Panels with
integrated colour LED panels.


Examples of suitable installation options for the Solar Shutters

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