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Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd

Product Manufacturing

We have established the most efficient and cost effective method of manufacturing our different products whilst also being able to ensure our products quality control and trade secrets.


The only components of the ‘Solar Shutters’, ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ that will be imported are the Photovoltaic Solar Cells, with supplier options from China, USA and Japan.


All of the other construction materials and component suppliers are available in Australia, and will be custom made, moulded or extruded as to our specifications.

We will setup a Product Assembly Operation in Australia where all of the different product components from different suppliers will be physically put together to create the finished products.


We have developed the most efficient method of component assembly, including our own method and process of Photovoltaic Solar Cell lamination onto our polycarbonate construction material.


Thereafter all of the finished products will be individually tested and packaged ready for our storage and delivery.


The Product Assembly Operation will require a full time Operations Manager and three or four full time semi-skilled workers. Therefore a total of four or five employees will be required.


The ongoing monthly expenses will therefore include workers salaries, factory rent and electricity.

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