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Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd

Project Plan - Kiama Municipal Council Australia

6 March 2019

Proposed Demonstration Site

The Council Of The Municipality Of Kiama Council

Scope of Work

Herewith the proposed Demonstration Site project details for our new technology Renewable Solar Energy products and applications for the Kiama Leisure Centre.

Solar Power Generation

65 KW of Renewable Solar Energy.

Solar Product Installations

1.    Solar Shutters - replacing the existing non functional glass shutters in the Kiama Leisure Centre
2.    Superbright Solar Panels™ - suitable for attachment to both the rooftop or corrugated side wall
   panels of the Kiama Leisure Centre.

Option 1: Roof Attachment via our Connector Channel System - *subject to Independent Structural Engineers Report utilising our self-supporting ‘Connector Channel System’

Option 2: Vertical Wall Attachment - suitable for attachment onto the corrugated side wall panels of the Kiama Leisure Centre.

Demonstration Site Report

Demonstration Site Project Report for 12-24 months after the installation, providing comprehensive details of solar power output for each product,  data capture, data analysis, and products functionality and performance.

Kiama Council Benefits

The Kiama Council would be the first Australian Council to demonstrate our New Technology renewable solar energy products and applications, demonstrating the Kiama Councils commitment to advancing innovative renewable energy solutions for not only the benefit of the the Kiama Community but also as a leader in demonstration projects for all of the other Australian Councils and the Australian Government at large including NGO’s that are interested in moving their businesses and building structures to a carbon neutral environment and significantly reducing their costs and dependence on grid electricity.

Knowledge Sharing

The Kiama Leisure Centre demonstration site would also serve as a powerful new technology solar energy showpiece that would attract positive publicity for the Kiama Municipal Council and the general public.

This working demonstration site would also serve to validate and share our products renewable energy detailed performance report information including electrical watt power output generation, live data feed and grid electricity costs savings.

We would make the demonstration site details and information freely available on our dedicated Demonstration Site website.

AusIndustry Matching Funding

My Expression of Interest with AusIndustry ‘Department of Industry Innovation and Science’ resulted in
me being assigned a NSW Commercialisation Advisor Malcolm Donnell, we had a meeting on Friday 18th January 2019.

I demonstrated my prototype product samples during the meeting and discussed the interest from a number of the Government Councils at the CPP Summit in Kiama, including the Kiama Council and the Kiama Leisure Centre building structure would a perfect Demonstration Site for of the installation of our new technology Solar Products.

Malcolm said that if we did get the go ahead with the Kiama Council with a Project Contract Agreement, then there is the possibility that they would put in matching funding for the total costs involved. I would still need to go through the comprehensive documentation process with them and it would take approximately four to six months to be approved.

Projected Demonstration Site Costs

The projected installation costs for the Kiama Leisure Centre to generate 65KW of renewable solar energy output:

A. 60 x Solar Shutter Units replacing the existing Glass Window Shutters                                                 
@495 per 1.0 Sqm. Unit                                                                                        
1 KW = 6 Units x 170 Watt                                                                                                       
60 Units = 10KW                                                                                         

B. 100 x Superbright Solar Panels™                                                                             
@$495 per 1.4 sqm. Panel                                                                                     
1 KW = 5 Panels x 200 Watt                                                                                                   
150 Panels = 30KW                                                                                    
*Includes Connector Channel System

C. 100 x Superbright Solar Wall Cladding                                                                    
@$695 per 2.0 sqm.
1 KW = 4 Panels x 250 Watt
100 Panels = 25KW
= $69,500.00
*Includes Connector Channel System

Total Watt Output 65KW
Total Cost $173,450.00

Plus Subcontractors

D. Accredited Installation Subcontractor costs = Approx. $30,000 - $50,000
E. Independent Structural Engineer Rooftop Report for the ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ utilising  the ‘Connector Channel System’ = Approx. $8,000 - $12,000

Total Project Cost  $235,450.00

Key Market Size and Competitors vs Rooftop Solar

There are currently no competitors offering renewable energy ‘Solar Shutters’ in Australia, and in the world market we are only aware of one very fragile solar blind company that can only be installed inside a window without any expose to weather or wind.

Our Solar Shutters are extremely durable and weather proof constructed out of polycarbonate material which is twenty times stronger than the high strength glass used in conventional solar roof panels. Our ‘Solar Shutters’ and ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ will withstand the strongest of Hail storms which have smashed conventional solar roof panels recently in NSW.

There are currently no competitors offering a product like ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ in Australia or the world market. The uniqueness and advantages of our panels is that they can be installed on both horizontal roof and vertical wall surface areas. This is only achievable by installation using our specialised  self-supporting and interconnecting ‘Connector Channel System’.


The Australian Renewable Solar Energy Market size and potential

According to the 2016 Australian Population Census:

30.9 % of residential households are renters who are entirely locked out of solar, so therefore have no way of reducing their monthly electricity costs.

And of the 30.9% of renters, 12.7% live in Low Rise apartments and 13.1% percent live in High Rise apartments, therefore a total of 25.8% of Australians live in Apartments and have no access to renewable solar energy provided by conventional solar roof panels.

All apartment owners and renters also have no way of benefiting from renewable solar energy and high rise buildings and apartment rooftop space is extremely limited even if that space has rooftop solar it will never contribute a significant amount when divided by the number of units or apartments. Likewise business offices are also locked out from renewable solar energy.

Therefore the benefits of our solar products is that the Solar Shutters offer new technology window installation options, and these units can also be removed and take with renters should they ever need to move.                                            

High-rise building body corporates can also now offer our ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ option as a method of generating additional solar power to the building as a whole which could then be allocated or divided into each unit or apartment for the benefit of all the tenants.

*Copy of Email Dated 22 October 2018

Paul Czulowski
Manager Environment & Health
The Council of The Municipality of Kiama

Dear Paul,

Good to meet you at the Kiama CPP Summit.

I would like to confirm that we did visit the Kiama Leisure Centre and our products are well suited to the Leisure Centre building structure.

We can therefore effectively offer you the following new technology renewable solar energy product options for the Kiama Leisure Centre Building:

1.    ’Superbright Solar Panels’ for the rooftop surface area.

Our Solar Panels are generally half the weight of conventional solar roof panels as we do not use a top layer of glass. Our solar panels use a top layer of polycarbonate which is not only much lighter than glass but is also twenty times stronger and more durable than glass, therefore hail will not damage the solar panels.

Our Solar Panels are also attached to the roof surface area or vertical wall surface area by way of our specialised ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel System’ which is attached flush against the roof or wall
surface area.

The benefits of this specialised attachment system and method is that it eliminates the use of angled steel railings and fittings used to attach conventional roof panels. The other benefit is that the Connector Channel acts as an interconnected supporting structure that holds and supports the weight of the solar panels in the side attachment channel compartments.

2.    ‘Solar Shutters’ to replace the Glass Window Shutters.

Our Solar Shutters can perfectly replace the Glass Window Shutters that are currently located at both side lengths at the top of the vertical wall surface area of the building.

The benefits of installing our Solar Shutters is that besides generating renewable solar energy, the shutters are also fully functional and can be opened and closed for ventilation or to reduce the mount of sunlight entering the building structure.

3.    ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ for the vertical side walls

Our Solar Wall Cladding can be attached to all of the vertical wall surface areas of the building structure by way of our ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel’

The benefits of installing the ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ to both of the vertical length surface areas is that a significant amount of additional renewable solar energy could be generated by utilising these large surface area. One side of the buildings surface area would generate maximum solar energy for half of the day, until the sun is directly overhead, and then the other side of the buildings vertical surface area would generate maximum solar energy for the second half of the day.

Therefore in summary our specialised products and solutions can definitely generate a significant amount of renewable solar power and electricity for the Kiama Leisure Centre.


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