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Innovative Technologies Pty Ltd

Value Proposition

Value is determined by the following:

1. What is the cost of the customers problem?

Savings on average of around 50% on annual electricity bills.

2. What are the benefits of solving and alleviating the problem?

Overcoming limited roof space and suitability for conventional solar roof panels, currently not available to business offices or residential tenants. New renewable solar installation options and products utilising vertical window space, balcony’s and vertical wall cladding.

3. What does the market value as the solution to the problem?

The cumulative commercial potential and value of these new renewable solar solutions for business offices and warehouses, residential apartments and high-rise buildings.

When you add up all of the above facts, you understand the potential value of these new commercial solutions. Therefore the products premium pricing of approximately 15% when directly compared to conventional solar roof panels is secondary relative to providing renewable solar energy generation opportunities that are currently not available to a large percentage of the business and residential market.

Therefore the untapped market opportunities and affordably can easily be incorporated into the current ‘Solar Finance Packages’ readily available in the market.

Commercial successes have demonstrated that its always about positioning. When there is a strong product, a strong brand, solving limited installation options to for renewable solar power generation then the value proposition represents high value and in most cases pricing is not a barrier to commercial success.

Australian Wholesale/Trade Prices

Product Power Output

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