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Lightweight, Super-strong, High Impact Resistant: Ideal for Warehouses, Carports, Outdoor Terraces & Lightweight Building Structures.

Superbright Solar Wall Cladding
Light Weight, Super-Strong, High Impact Resistant, Fire Resistant: Suitable for Residential and Business Vertical Building Wall Cladding.

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Bifacial Solar Cells
Our ‘Solar Shutters’ ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ utilise Bifacial solar cells that are designed to allow light to enter from both sides. They typically employ a front surface design similar to that used in industry standard screen-printed solar cells with the major point of difference being the structure of the rear surface contact. Rather than cover the entire back surface with a reflective aluminium contact, a ‘finger’ grid is used in its place in order to allow sunlight through the rear.

Typically, the silicon material used for bifacial solar cells must be of superior quality such that photo-generated electric charges near the rear surface can contribute to power production as they travel towards the ‘emitter’ on the front surface. This design also necessitates the use of transparent encapsulating materials on both sides of modules.

Historically bifacial solar cells were targeted towards ‘Building Integrated Photovoltaic Applications’ or in areas where much of the available solar energy is diffused sunlight which has bounced off the ground and surrounding objects i.e. extreme latitudes and snow‑prone regions. However, the combination of plateauing peak efficiencies from standard screen printed solar cells has pushed bifacial solar modules back into the spotlight.

Vertically integrated
In order to better match onsite demand with PV generation profiles throughout the day a vertical panel orientation where both the front and rear sides of the panels are exposed to peak morning and afternoon direct and diffused sunlight creates a ‘double-peak’ profile that can better match on-site electricity use, especially for residential and commercial installations.

This unconventional approach of vertically installed bifacial modules would more than halve the number of modules needed for an equivalent installation. This configuration would again produce two generation peaks but would also benefit from the additional diffuse light entering the module from the indirect side.

Cost comparisons
In comparing the financial merits of single-sided against bifacial modules, the effective levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) over the project lifetime should be used as the deciding metric and not just the dollars‑per‑peak‑watt cost of respective modules. For grid-connected PV consumers, the ability to more closely match PV generation profiles with onsite demand throughout the day – thus maximising the use of generated PV electricity rather than feeding it back into Australian grids at reduced rates can boost returns on a PV investment, despite a marginally higher upfront cost with bifacial technology.

Superbright Solar Panels™ & Superbright Solar Wall Cladding Product Features

1. Enhanced Solar Light Capture
By way of our Prismatic Polycarbonate Panel front surface area and Bifacial PV solar cells.

2. Super-Strong Polycarbonate
High Impact Resistant, 20 x stronger than the glass used in conventional Solar Roof Panels.

3. Super-Thin Profile
10-15mm Profile thickness.

4. Integrated Micro-Electronics
Our specialised Solar Panel Connector Chanel with Integrated Micro-Electronics System enables optional inclusions, namely: Lithium Ion Battery , AC/DC Inverter, Wifi Device, all powered and rechargeable by the attached ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ or ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’.

5. Vertical Wall Installation/Attachment
Provides the ability to be effectively installed onto any vertical wall surface area due to the thin profile of the solar panels combined with the ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel’ Installation System specifically designed for vertical solar panel installation.

6. Connection and Integration to online usage data
Connectivity to custom software programs and online mobile app for comprehensive usage data
and solar power output.

7. Colour Design Options
The ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ have unique colour design options, such as Green, Blue, Gold, White. This enables business and corporate offices/buildings the use of enhanced custom colour/brand displays.


Commercial Applications:

Horizontal Surface Area Applications
Vertical Surface Area Applications
• Garage Ports
• High-rise Residential and Office Building Walls
• Conventional House and Building Rooftops
• Residential House/Apartment and Business Office Windows
• Business Warehouses
• Replacing Conventional Home/Office Blinds
• Farm Sheds
• House Walls and Apartment Enclosed Balconies
• Outdoor Awning structures
• Warehouse Side Walls
• Bus Stops
• Perimeter Fencing
• Caravan Rooftops
• Boats

‘Solar Panel Connector Channel System with Integrated Micro-Electronics’

The *Patent Pending ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel System with Integrated Micro-Electronics’ was specifically designed as an effective Horizontal and Vertical Solar Panel Installation System that provides a number of enhanced Innovative features and functions, details as follows:

  1. Made from highly durable weather resistant and light weight material.

  2. Specifically designed for effective Vertical Wall and Horizontal Roof Installation of the ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels.

  3. Represents the first Vertical Solar Wall Cladding Panel Installation method and system, therefore presents the opportunity for Renewable Solar Energy generation from Residential Apartments and Business Office buildings that have minimal roof space for conventional solar roof panels.

  4. Securely attaches and electrically inter-connects any number of ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels together.

  5. Contains the electrical wiring from the inter-connected Solar Panels in a secure Watertight Compartment.

  6. Contains the roof or wall attachment bolt/bracket within the Watertight Compartment.

  7. Ability to integrate and electrically connect micro-electronics within the watertight Solar Panel Connector Channel System, namely: Lithium Ion Battery, AC/DC Inverter and WiFi Device.

  8. The renewable solar energy generated by the ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and the ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels would therefore automatically charge and re-charge the electrically connected micro-electronics; Lithium Ion Battery, AC/DC Inverter and Wifi Device.

  9. Therefore the ‘Superbright Solar Panels’ and ‘Superbright Solar Wall Cladding’ Panels connected with the ‘Solar Panel Connector Channels’ would not only provide Renewable Solar Energy but would additionally provide Wifi connection for Mobile Phones and Computers/Laptops which could be extremely beneficial in specific residential and commercial locations and situations.

  10. Beneficial if fitted to the roofs of Public Transport Buses, Caravans and Mobile Homesutilising the extremely light, low profile and highly durable weatherproof Polycarbonate ‘Solar Panel Connector Channels’

  11. Beneficial if fitted to Commercial and Farming building structures such as warehouses and storage facilities that may not have an office or electricity connection, or may be in remote locations.

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