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Superbright Solar Panels™

Game Changing
Solar Technology

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The ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ enable vertical installation of a Multifunctional Renewable Energy Solar Panel which not only provides daytime solar power  for the high-rise or any building structure but also provides self-generating cost free night-time illumination of the high-rise or any building structure.   

Product Summary

Our latest solar technology development is the multifunctional renewable energy ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ which are an integrated multi-layered Photovoltaic Solar Panel with specialised construction materials, specifically;    a prismatic polycarbonate top layer, laminated photovoltaic solar cells, a reflective coloured backing layer and a corrugated LED Light panel.

The specialised construction materials, component configuration, design and electrical wiring model enable the Multi-functional ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ to perform 4 very important functions, namely;

1. Generates daytime renewable solar energy from the vertically installed ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ as building wall cladding or the vertically installed ‘Solar Shutters’ as window or balcony self-supporting framed units.

2. Generates renewable self-generating LED lighting for night-time illumination of high-rise or low rise building structures.

3. The daytime solar energy generated from the vertically installed ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ or ‘Solar Shutters’ is electrically connected to the main electricity grid in the building or home as a supplementary renewable electricity supply to significantly reduce the amount of main grid electricity required and therefore also the costs.  A percentage [up to 25%] of the daytime renewable energy generated in electrically connected to an inverter and lithium-ion storage battery, to continuously charge the storage battery.

4. An ‘Electrical Connection System' from the storage battery is directed and connected to each individual ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ or each ‘Solar Shutter Unit’ via the ‘Connector Channel System.’ Therefore the stored  renewable solar energy directly powers and illuminates the night-time LED Lights contained within the ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ and ‘Solar Shutters.’


​Product Features:


1. Light in weight

2. Thin Profile

3. Strong high impact construction materials - Recycled or non recycled Prismatic Acrylic and Polycarbonate, provide enhanced weather resistance.

4. Stand Alone Construction Materials -The strength, rigidity and side electrical interconnection of the solar panel construction materials allows for them to be flat and vertically attached to any vertical wall or horizontal roof surface area. They can therefore be used as actual stand alone construction Roof Panels, and vertical Wall Cladding for buildings.

5. Enhanced Solar Energy Capture - by way of our top layer inverted Prismatic Panel (downward facing prisms which captures and directs the sunlight) and is directly above the layer of PV Solar Cells and therefore provides enhanced internal refraction and reflection of the sunlight directly onto the layer of PV Solar Cells below.

6. Electrical wiring exits from the side of the panel - this allows for easy flat/flush vertical wall attachment, as opposed to conventional solar roof panels where the electrical wiring connection exits at the back of the panel and therefore have to be raised to be interconnected at the back of each solar panel.

7. Vertical Wall Attachment and Installation - provides the ability to effectively install the Solar Panels’ on any vertical wall surface area due to the very light weight, thin profile and side electrical wiring interconnection of the solar panels combined with the ‘Solar Panel Connector Channel’ Installation System specifically designed for vertical solar panel installation.

8. The reflective acrylic or polycarbonate backing panel layer can be in different colour options, therefore the Solar Panels will have a very unique and distinctive aesthetic design and appearance.

9. The coloured acrylic or polycarbonate layer/sheet/panel reflects the sunlight back up to the underside of the Bifacial Solar Cells if they are used, increasing the solar cells power generation and corresponding output.

10. The coloured acrylic or polycarbonate layer/sheet/panel reflects the sunlight during the daytime and provides a bright coloured visual effect for enhanced aesthetics of the Solar Panel.

11. (A.) An electric connection cable from the PV Solar Cell layer/sheet/panel is electrically connected to an external battery to charge the battery by way of Direct Current generated from the PV Solar Cell layer/sheet/panel exposure to daytime sunlight.

(B.) The external battery is charged by the PV Solar Cell layer/sheet/panel and stores the generated electricity.

(C.) The result is a very bright coloured night display of the individual and combined ‘Superbright Solar Panels™’ not only providing enhanced visual aesthetics to building walls or roofs but also providing night lights generated by renewable solar energy.

​Drawing 1

‘Superbright Solar Panel with Integrated LED’ Exploded Perspective View

Drawing 1- 07.jpg

Drawing 2
Electrical Wiring Diagram


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Virtual Examples of Superbright Solar Panels™ Installations.










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